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Before redesigning a website, we do our homework.
The University of Pittsburgh’s Institute for Clinical Research (ICRE) was looking to redesign their website to improve user experience. Before starting the design phase, we employed dual methodologies to seek insights from users. First, we fielded an online study to collect key themes and attributes. Informed with survey results, we spoke with students, alumni, and faculty to discuss their needs. We also engaged them in exercises to demonstrate how they use the website and noted pain points and opportunities for improvement as they browsed.

We gathered the insights we needed to pass the test.
The findings yielded actionable insights that informed the website design process, including revamping the navigation pane and moving away from a text-heavy format that was not compatible with mobile use. Findings also sparked discussions among the ICRE leadership team to completely overhaul registration and scheduling procedures for current students.

Pitt ICRE Website