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West Penn Power had to tell its customers to use less of its product.
When Pennsylvania instituted mandatory energy-reduction goals for the state’s utilities, West Penn Power came to us for help in communicating this message to a primarily rural customer base spread across multiple counties.

We utilized a media strategy that saved both time and energy.
Implementing a geo-targeted digital media plan allowed us to reach West Penn Power’s customers by zip code across the company’s wide service footprint. Through online banners, page takeovers, sliding billboards and keyword search we served millions of impressions to customers and gave them quick access to energy saving rebates and coupons that were relevant to their area. We also sent links to online tools such as a Home Energy Analyzer to help them reduce energy costs. By layering on additional demographic and contextual targeting, we aligned the campaign with the best performing sites. This maximized impressions and CTR while reducing media waste. And of course, energy use.

Electric Bills keeping you up at night?
Electric Bills keeping you up at night?