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Eat’n Park’s employee recruitment efforts were coming up short in specific locations.
Although Eat’n Park offers a wide variety of jobs with flexible hours and benefits, certain locations were having trouble filling key positions. They needed a fresh approach to find good people.

We cooked up a more targeted recruitment strategy.
Using Facebook and Instagram paid social, we identified 3 key employee segments and geo-targeted the campaign around restaurant locations with the highest needs. We served up videos customized to appeal to the unique job interests of each audience. Through demographic prospecting, we also identified higher quality leads by targeting people with food industry experience. We optimized the campaign by creating a lookalike audience from the pool of applicants, which allowed us to target more prospects. We replicated the strategy in Cleveland to recruit people for the opening of Hello Bistro, Eat’n Park’s casual eatery. By leveraging this first-party data, we improved the efficiency of our CPC by 50%. The campaign generated more than 15,000 clicks to Eat’n Park’s career page and resulted in a cost-per-hire of just $7. In other words, we found super people for the price of a Superburger.

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