GH AdBuilder – Web Application

GH Ad Builder

A high volume of work needed a high quality solution.
UPMC has a large internal marketing department with multiple locations throughout the region. Each location generates a high volume of institutional/sponsorship advertising requests every month and they have to be done on tight deadlines. UPMC needed an efficient way to handle the requests without losing the quality of the work.

We didn’t just build a site, we built a system.
After analyzing the types of requests coming in, we built a website that serves as an automated platform to build customized ads and collateral. Approved users from any marketing department location can choose from a menu of brand-compliant templates, access an image library, and quickly order ads and collateral for their specific purposes. Our expert production designers take it from there and begin fulfilling the order. Users are kept informed throughout the production process. When the work is approved, it is seamlessly shipped to publications and printers. This online system results in higher quality work that is brand compliant and yields significant cost savings to UPMC.

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