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Fort Ligonier

A 250-year-old fort needed a new site.
Fort Ligonier, a historic British fort from the French & Indian War, had invested $13 million in the renovation and expansion of their museum. But while their facilities were becoming world class, their website was centuries behind. Users reported difficulty finding the content they needed. Staff also complained that the site felt outdated and failed to reflect the true visitor experience.

Taking a fortress on the offensive.
The facility facelift gave us an opportunity to reach out to new audiences in the digital space. We started with a complete redesign of the site, which featured full-width video, new photography, easy navigation and a responsive design. The site also featured an impressive arsenal of new functionality, including social integration, search optimization, downloadable content and an easy-to-use CMS. We also crafted content and developed an overarching theme – Siege The Day – that captured the excitement of the Fort’s new offerings and appealed to both the history lover and adventure seeker. In just a few months, the campaign has resulted in numerous victories in guest count and tours.

Fort Ligonier Website Fort Ligonier Website