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Clients had trouble finding lawyers.
Eckert Seamans is a national law firm with more than 375 attorneys in offices throughout the eastern United States. Over the past decade, the firm had focused on growing key practice areas, such as energy, transportation, and business counseling. But there was a lack of focus put on the company’s main vehicle of communication: its website. The site was dated, slow, copy-heavy and lacked an easy way for clients and prospects to search for lawyers.

We’re building a better bridge.
We started by holding information-gathering sessions with the firm’s marketing department and executive management team to identify the drawbacks of the current site; select a menu of new functionality tools; and gain consensus on approach, process, timeline and budget. After developing a new site map and wireframe, we met with key stakeholders in the firm to get buy-in on the new design. New photography was scheduled in each office to capture the firm’s lawyers in a compelling way. More importantly, we implemented an advanced search tool that allows clients to locate the firm’s lawyers and their impressive bios faster than ever.

Eckert Seamans Website Eckert Seamans Website