Calgon Carbon – Website and Kiosk

Calgon Carbon

Like trying to find Sorbamine in a haystack.
Calgon Carbon is the world’s largest manufacturer of granular activated carbon with over 700 market applications for its products. But the company lacked an efficient system for customers to find the products they needed – and sales suffered.

We connected customers to carbon.
With 25 global offices, Calgon Carbon relied heavily on its website to communicate product information. We redesigned their site to make it more user friendly; incorporated multiple user pathways and a dynamic database search tool that allowed customers to search by product or application faster and easier; and created localized sites for their operations in China and Brazil. We also used the learning we gained of their products to develop other tools, such as an interactive kiosk that lets visitors to Calgon Carbon’s headquarters click on products and industries, see an animated timeline of the company’s history, and even play a game. Who says carbon can’t be fun?

Calgon Carbon Website