Stacy O’Neill
Associate Strategy Director|Strategy
Stacy O’Neill
Associate Strategy Director | Strategy

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in both writing and anthropology, Stacy found a role where communications and understanding human behavior come in handy every day. Stacy began her career as a media planner where she successfully planned and executed multimillion dollar campaigns for clients, including UPMC Health Plan, across all media types by negotiating prime rates and placements to meet her clients’ strategic goals. After honing the skill of crafting strategic marketing and media plans, she joined our strategy and research team. She leads brand planning processes, authors creative briefs and has developed a unique way of bringing target audiences to life. Prior to joining Garrison Hughes, Stacy worked at Gatesman Agency. Her strategic abilities are second only to her knowledge of microbreweries that she has toured – and sampled from – with multiple customer segments.

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