Get Ahead of the Competition with Garrison Hughes and Google Analytics 4

As you know, privacy and tracking have been top of mind in the technology and media sectors. With the release of newer web browsers and operating systems, traditional cookie-based tracking is nearing end of life. Garrison Hughes can help you be prepared and ensure that your analytics and tracking strategy is on track. And the best news is, you can implement Google Analytics 4 in parallel with your existing Universal Analytics!


Let’s Future-Proof
Your Analytics Strategy.

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Key Benefits of Moving to Google Analytics 4

You can run with GA4 with existing Google Analytics installs.

If your site contains Universal Analytics and includes custom events, the Connected Site Tags will allow for a new GA4 property to be created and start tracking without the need to update any code on a website. Additionally, any events sent to your Universal Analytics property will also be sent to the GA4 property.

GA4’s measurement model is event-based in contrast to Universal Analytics’ session-based platform.

Event tracking automation: GA4 comes with an optional new feature, Enhanced Measurements. Enhanced Measurements enables tracking of common events: page views, scrolls, outbound clicks, site search, YouTube engagement, and file downloads.

GA4 includes a built-in connection to Google BigQuery, adding cloud-based data query capabilities.

DebugView: A new interface to test standard, enhanced, and custom event tracking.

Engagement metrics: GA4 provides more optimized metrics such as engagement sessions, engagement rate, engaged sessions per user, and engagement time.

IP anonymization: IP addresses are considered personal data. GA4 anonymizes by default.

Session counting method: GA4 offers more flexibility when defining a session and its expiration.

GA4 uses machine learning to help highlight useful insights to users.