Friday Findings: Man’s Best Friend

Pets are more pampered than ever. The average American household spent 44% more on their fur kids in 2018 than in 2013 – an increase driven primarily by couples without kids (MagnifyMoney 2019). And since pet households outnumber kid households, pets are increasingly being treated like family members. These days, man’s best friend is well-fed, wired, and living large.

Man’s Best Friend

Doggy Delights
Some lucky pups have seats at our dinner tables where they enjoy organic fare and home-cooked meals. Neither pets nor vets are leading this trend – it’s the pet owners themselves.

  • 29% percent of pet owners are influenced by claims of organic ingredients on dog food, compared to 5% for vets (Association for Pet Obesity Prevention 2018). Some pet owners are even having meal kits delivered.
  • If you don’t feel like cooking for your dog, Petco has an upscale dog kitchen in NYC where customers can see the packaged meals being prepared behind the counter (Business Insider 2019).

Doggy Tech
Since our fur children can’t talk, some owners are using pet tech to ensure that their dogs are happy and healthy.

  • The pet wearable market (think Fitbit-like dog collars that track activity level, sleep, and location) is expected to grow 14.3% by 2027 (Grand View Research 2020).
  • Working fur parents can check on Fido through interactive video/audio monitors that serve as a virtual doggy daycares. Take note Millennial pet parents, as 84% of you worry about your pets when you can’t be with them (Zulily 2018).

Doggy Dates & Day Spas
Dogs have it made these days. When they aren’t by our side, they’re living the dream on our dime.

  • Breweries, coffee shops, and restaurants are increasingly dog-friendly. They often have dog treats on the menu, too.
  • Dog groomers are becoming full-service spas with puppy massages and nail painting.
  • Dog boarding facilities are often referred to as dog hotels and they don’t resemble kennels of the past.