Friday Findings: It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere

Americans aren’t buying or drinking alcohol like they used to. Go ahead and blame millennials and health-conscious consumers whose red Solo cups do not runneth over, but it’s bigger than that. Drinking habits are changing for a myriad of reasons and the folks who are still throwing them back have more options than ever before. Whether you’re sober curious or counting the hours until happy hour, grab a White Claw and read on – It’s five o’clock somewhere.


Less IS More

  • 40% of drinking-age adults are consuming less alcohol than they were five years ago (Morning Consult 2018).
  • Because Facebook is forever, younger generations are watching their intake for fear their debauchery will come back to haunt them on social media (Business Insider 2019).
  • More than half of millennials are making an effort to skip the booze this year (Nielson 2019).

Sober IS Sexy

  • There’s a growing contingent of “sober curious” people who are taking frequent breaks from booze altogether.
  • Sober-friendly establishments and events like Dry January and Sober October help break the social pressures of drinking – and mocktails are trendy and delish!
  • The #SoberIsSexy hashtag generated over a half-million Instagram mentions in December 2019 (Entrepreneur 2019).
  • Heineken recently launched the #NowYouCan campaign to promote its 50 nonalcoholic beers (Ad Age 2019).

Change IS Good

  • Wine sales dropped for the first time in 25 years thanks in part to low-alcohol beverage alternatives (Wall Street Journal 2020).
  • Low-to-no alcohol beverage sales are expected to grow 32% through 2022 (Bon Appétit 2019).
  • Anheuser-Busch projects 1/5 of its global sales will come from zero and low-alcohol beverages by 2026 (Wine Mag 2020).

Healthy & Quite Possibly High

  • Across generations, a healthier lifestyle ranks as the top reason to cut back on alcohol consumption (Morning Consult 2019).
  • 44% of people drink less to lose weight and get fit (Morning Consult 2019).
  • Since marijuana use is perceived as a safer alternative to drinking by many people, alcohol sales declined shortly after states legalized marijuana (The Atlantic 2019).