A Regional Law Firm Turned into a Global Powerhouse Overnight.

In 2004, Reed Smith was a leading regional law firm with headquarters in Pittsburgh. Through a series of high-profile acquisitions both in the U.S. and abroad, the firm became a Top 15 international law firm. Managing rapid change and merging diverse cultures became the job of the marketing department.

We Took a Page out of History to Build a Promising Future.

For over a century, the firm had grown by virtue of its long-standing relationships with clients like Andrew Mellon and Andrew Carnegie. We developed a brand theme centered on Reed Smith’s ability to forge lasting relationships and showed how this was the key to building a successful global firm. We focused on the people of the firm, which fostered a sense of unity and strength. The message was carried through to annual reports, videos, social media, recruitment marketing, RFPs, and more.

We’ve interviewed partners and clients from Miami to Munich.


We’ve shot videos in more than 16 cities and 
3 countries…so far.


Succeeded in getting more than 1,500 lawyers to agree on something.