PPG Wanted a Global Safety Program That Would Last for Years.

PPG had a safety goal to reduce its Injury & Illness rate by 5% every year. They wanted to create their own global safety program that would motivate employees, be easily translatable, and get results.

We Did It by Making Safety a Priority Every Day.

We developed the theme “Safety 365” to encourage employees to think about safety day in and day out – both at home and at work. We created a safety tool kit for plant managers that featured posters, stickers for hard hats, a calendar with daily safety tips, and flyers. We also produced a series of videos featuring PPG leadership explaining the program and its benefits.

The campaign was translated into 17 languages and distributed on 4 continents.


The program has helped PPG reduce the number of slips, trips and falls.


Safety Tip Of The Day: Watch out for more hard-hitting campaigns like this.