Pittsburgh Passion Needed a Winning Campaign to go with Their Winning Record.

In a city consumed with all things black and gold, few people knew that Pittsburgh was also home to a championship-caliber women’s professional football team. They needed a campaign that put them on a level playing field with their more popular counterparts.

It Started with One Big Hit.

We kicked things off by entering a contest for outdoor advertising and won Best of Show, which gave the Passion $40,000 in free “super” boards all over the city. We followed that up with award-winning TV and print ads that used humor and smart football terminology to appeal to the large audience of Pittsburgh sports fans. Attendance increased and so did the team’s number of championship trophies.

TV spots featured star players doing everyday things to get ready for the game.


Our radio commercials also scored big at local and national award shows.


A record number of shoes was used in this campaign.