A Museum for Sports Fans. Is That an Oxymuseum?

When the Heinz History Center opened a new museum dedicated solely to Western Pennsylvania sports, it faced a challenge. Consumer studies revealed that hard-core sports fans did not view museums as fun and exciting. They needed a game plan to attract a new audience of museum goers.

We Changed the Rules of the Game.

In order to appeal to the large audience of predominantly male sports fans in the region, it was important to show that this was no “ordinary” museum. We featured iconic sports figures in the campaign and put a new twist on phrases typically used to promote classical art. We also showed that this was the museum for knowledgeable sports fans and worth multiple visits.

By all accounts, it was a victory as attendance to the Sports Museum increased 60%.


We were involved in all aspects of the museum’s launch, from membership drives, to fundraising, to exhibits.


The work was featured in print, TV, radio and on giant banners hanging from the building.