FNB Wanted to Sell a “Product,” Not Just a Checking Account.

First National Bank wanted to change the way people buy checking accounts by making the buying experience more consumer-friendly, informative and engaging.

There’s an App for That.

We started by writing an iOS enterprise app that ran an interactive kiosk. The kiosk featured an iPad that allowed customers to either scan a code on a checking account product or use a touchscreen to watch informative videos, compare features, and select an account that’s right for them. We produced all videos and wrote the code for the app and the scanning technology, as well as for a “Help Me Decide” guide.

Using an MDM solution, we installed, updated and maintained over 350 kiosks in FNB branches across 3 states.


As an official Apple® DEP member we sourced the iPads and helped custom design the kiosks.


We designed the boxes that hung below the iPad, and created a brochure for each one.