Federated’s Most Important Asset was Dwindling.

The number of financial advisors in the U.S. is predicted to shrink by 36% by 2022. Since Federated relies heavily on advisors to recommend its investment products, the company needed a new way to reach this fragmented audience.

A smaller target required a sharper media focus.

Using a unique blend of endemic and programmatic media strategies, we were able to get our message in front of financial advisors and deliver the numbers Federated was looking for. By putting less emphasis on site-direct buys, we reduced costs without sacrificing reach. As a certified Google Campaign Manager, we served all of the ads, tracked results in real-time and optimized on-the-fly.

More than 10 million video views were completed.


Retargeting strategy and high-impact placements reached 90% of the target audience at least 5X per week.


Resulted in 250,000 clicks to the campaign landing pages.