Account Supervisor

As an Account Supervisor at Garrison Hughes, you will be part of an exciting agency and a fun group of people who take their work seriously. You will facilitate communication between the client and the agency in this role. You will benefit from being around a team of experienced, award-winning professionals who will help you in every way possible to achieve success. 


  •   Acting as the hub of communication for both the client and the agency
  • Leading a comprehensive team of advertising professionals
  • Proactively supporting their clients, which can range from the education of the clients industry to the delivery of marketing campaigns
  • Continued communication efforts from kick-off to post-completion results for all client campaigns
  • Meeting with clients to understand business marketing objectives 
  • Discussing strategy internally and externally to develop campaigns
  • Taking feedback from clients, supervisors, and the creative team and implementing or mediating differences 
  • Presenting creative proposals to clients for approval, making sure all components are in line with the brand
  • Monitoring and enforcing the timing of all client projects
  • Establishing and regulating campaign budgets

Ideal candidates have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Communications, Marketing, or related major
  • 7-10 years of advertising agency experience 
  • Strong analytical and negotiation skills
  • An ability to understand and analyze performance metrics
  • Proven communication skills
  • Excellent time management skills