As one of the nation’s top ranked hospital networks, UPMC is constantly pushing the envelope in all fields of medical research, as well as being recognized for its many breakthrough treatments. We help UPMC convey its expertise and leading edge care to physicians, consumers and employees through a wide array of external and internal communications. We even have an in-house design group within UPMC’s headquarters that is dedicated to handling the high volume of marketing requests that come in from throughout the organization.

Although we’d love to show you all the things we do for UPMC, our interactive team limited us to a certain number of pages so we tried to choose our best samples. If you click on Work, you can see print, digital and video samples of how we helped to brand some of UPMC’s major initiatives and demonstrate the quality of its care. GH Design features the work of our team of designers located within UPMC that specializes in brand identity, collateral systems and more. And if you choose Box #3 (GH Ad Builder) you will get a glimpse of our web-based ad-ordering system that we built specifically for UPMC.

To get people to choose UPMC’s Health Plan, we showed how there are some things you just can’t plan for.

UPMC is the Official Sports Medicine Provider for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins and University of Pittsburgh Panthers. We created a TV campaign that showcases these high-profile relationships, while reinforcing UPMC’s expertise in helping everyday athletes. You’ll also see a big-time player who’s just like any other dad.

UPMC is the region’s #1 employer and this spot put a face – actually several faces – to the important work of the health care provider and the pride of its workforce. The commercial was successful on two fronts: it was well-received by the public and embraced by the hospital’s employees.

Typical television commercials for retirement communities are all about finding a peaceful place to wind down. We positioned UPMC Senior Communities as a great place to kick start your golden years.

UPMC Sports Medicine had a strong national reputation for treating famous athletes. We made sure they had a strong regional reputation for treating local heroes.

Most mothers and daughters lend clothes to each other. This video features one daughter who shared quite a bit more with her mom.

When you hear a story like Margo Brown's, it puts a lot of things in perspective. Life, for example.

UPMC's orthopaedic surgeons are experts at replacing knees and hips. For patients, that meant getting back to the activities that they enjoyed.

With close to 100 different logos and a multitude of brands and brand standards, UPMC needed a centralized, easy-to-access library that internal and external groups could use to retrieve files and information. Our solution was UPMC Brand Central, a custom CMS system that is continually updated with the most recent guidelines and approved assets.

Welcome to GH Design, our team of experienced graphic designers located in our office in the U.S. Steel Building. If they didn’t have all the characteristics of humans, we would swear they were design machines. This team cranks out roughly 4,000 projects a year across all of UPMC’s clinical areas – on tight deadlines and under pressure-packed situations. Despite the intense workload, they still found time to design this cool flip book showing a sampling of the projects they’ve worked on.

UPMC has a large internal marketing department in multiple locations throughout the region. In order to handle the high volume of institutional/sponsorship advertising requests from various departments, we built a website that serves as an automated platform to build customized ads and collateral. Approved users from all over the organization can choose from a menu of brand-compliant templates, access an image library, and quickly order ads and collateral for their specific purposes. Our expert production designers take it from there and begin fulfilling the order. Users are kept informed throughout the production process. When the work is approved, it is seamlessly shipped to publications and printers. This online system results in higher quality work that is brand compliant and yields significant cost-savings to UPMC.