Multiple audiences, one powerful theme.

The Pittsburgh Foundation is one of the nation's most respected community foundations with more than 60 years of experience. They were looking for a theme line and logo that spoke to multiple audiences and reflected the company's long history of giving, so we set up focus groups with these key audiences to gauge reaction to a series of themes:

We prepared discussion guides for each group with input from the client and explored people's views on the importance of charitable giving and their overall feelings towards The Pittsburgh Foundation.

One line stood out among the rest - "The Power To Do Great Things." It defined what philanthropy means to people, and positioned The Pittsburgh Foundation as the conduit to change in the community.

The company’s main sales brochure was also redesigned, along with a series of inserts that went into more detail on the products and services offered by The Pittsburgh Foundation.

Print ads that targeted both donors and financial advisors ran in monthly and quarterly magazines, as well as business journals.

We also carried the look and feel of the new campaign theme into a complete redesign of the website.