Our interactive exhibit made a splash.

To mark the 10th anniversary of its partnership with The Pittsburgh Zoo, PPG Industries asked us to refurbish its exhibit at the PPG Aquarium. More than a million people visit the Zoo annually, so the exhibit had to be durable, easy to maintain and fun for kids. It also had a strict budget and timeline.

We made the installation interactive to appeal to tech-savvy kids. Six high-definition touch screens were the main attraction and tied into PPG's brand theme "Bringing Innovation To The Surface". Working with Zoo aquarists, we created points on the screens that kids could touch to learn about PPG conservation programs, watch videos, and discover fish in other parts of the world. We handled all aspects of the exhibit from initial concept to programming, through to spec'ing the technology, construction and on-going maintenance. Completed on time and on budget, the exhibit has received rave reviews from kids, parents and other species.

PPG had a strong reputation nationally. Yet many people in the communities they serve didn't realize how much the company supported local cultural and educational programs. This series of ads demonstrated PPG's social commitment, while highlighting its scientific breakthroughs and innovative technology.