The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wanted people to know how deeply it was connected to the city. This spot demonstrated that...literally.

A Fragmented audience requires a pinpoint media strategy.

The Post-Gazette has a wide and varied audience – from dedicated sports fans to practical homebuyers to busy professionals. To boost single-copy paper sales and subscriptions, they run major promotions and contests throughout the year that revolve around a specific season or event. It's important to identify the audience for each promotion, act quickly to secure the most effective vehicles, and make a big impact in a short period of time.

For a contest that featured many different giveaways, we targeted ads to run on popular ‘fan pages' that matched the specific prizes. This resulted in a greater click-thru rate to the PG's Facebook page where people could enter to win. We increased "likes" by 24% and surpassed their competition.

During the slow summer months, we increased hits to the PG's website with an incentive that attracted a wide range of consumers: free gas for a year. Our media buy targeted news and leisure websites where people were searching for travel destinations or checking on fuel prices. In the first week, clicks to the site increased by more than 7,000.

And we scored big when the PG wanted to promote their coverage of high school football. We secured outdoor boards near local stadiums, supplemented them with in-stadium signage and won over a lot of fans in the community.

To reinforce the Post-Gazette's leadership position in circulation numbers and regional coverage, we created a campaign that demonstrated how the PG delivers the information people need, and the convenience they want. This TV spot showed how readers from all walks of life interact with the Post-Gazette.

The theme of "we deliver" was more flexible than Troy Polamalu and worked for both readers, as well as advertisers.