Nemacolin takes pride in giving guests a variety of choices for fun and relaxation. But letting their guests know about all these activities and amenities was a challenge. So we created a new system that was as stress-free as a spa treatment. We started by identifying 7 key locations throughout the resort that had the highest guest traffic. Next, we installed a kiosk that blended in to the décor of the resort, yet could securely hold a 55" high-def monitor. Mac Minis, connected to the back of each monitor, were fed information for a cloud-based CMS using custom-built OS X applications and HTML5. Our new system works with their catering software, allowing them to easily input daily updates. It also features imagery, videos, a property map, real-time weather conditions (sunny for golfers, powdery for skiers), and more.

These ads helped Nemacolin maintain high room bookings even in a down economy.

We designed a glossy publication for Nemacolin that had the feel of a high-end travel magazine. The piece served a dual purpose as a direct mail piece to prospects and an in-room guide to the resort's many eclectic attractions.