We found the common ground between two very different museums and gave the History Center a campaign that stands the test of time.

The Pulitzer Prize exhibit features some of the most famous photographs in history. But our campaign had to convince people that the iconic images were only the beginning of the experience.

Our media attracted a new crowd of fans. We plan and buy media for a wide array of Heinz History Center exhibits – from original installations about Pittsburgh's history to national exhibitions on loan from the Smithsonian. One exhibit presented several media challenges. When the History Center secured the first-ever showing of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's traveling exhibition, our media had to reach hard-core football fans – not your "typical" History Center audience.

We also had to cover more ground. Normally, our target is within a 50-mile radius, but since this exhibit had wider appeal, we doubled the reach to attract fans that would rather travel to Pittsburgh than make the long trip to Canton.

We leveraged the client's media partnerships to gain the most favorable rates and placements. TV spots were placed on Monday Night Football to take advantage of the huge Steelers following. We also placed ads in the Steelers GameDay program and on Steelers.com. High school football is big in Western PA, so we secured prime spots on Root Sports during the playoffs, and utilized ESPN to tap into college fans. We also sponsored popular programs such as ESPN's Sports History Minutes and Mike Tomlin's press conferences, and handed out the City Paper (featuring exhibit ads) after Steeler games to encourage fans to make the short trip over to the History Center for more football.

Throughout all of the selected media, we were able to negotiate rates that were 38% under the open rate. Yielding big wins at the turnstiles, as well as the History Center's budget meetings.

Our ad for the Heinz History Center's exhibition ‘Soul Soldiers: African Americans and the Vietnam Era', received the first ever Mosaic Award in the Pittsburgh ADDY awards show for advertising promoting diversity.