Quick, what’s the atomic number for Carbon? If you said "6", you are just the kind of person we had in mind when we designed and built this touch screen kiosk for Calgon Carbon’s new global headquarters. It lets visitors click their way around Calgon’s product lines and industries, view an animated timeline of the company’s history, and even play a game. Who says carbon can’t be fun?

As the largest manufacturer of granular activated carbon, Calgon Carbon offers more than 700 market applications for its products. But the company lacked an efficient system in which customers could fi nd what they needed. We redesigned their site to make it more user friendly, incorporated multiple user pathways and a dynamic database search tool that allows customers to search by product or application faster and easier. We also created localized sites for their operations in China and Brazil. Now customers all over the world can tell their sorbamine from their solcarb.