Pot Luck

Burgers were in fashion at Eat'n Park and we created a TV spot that attracted a lot of attention. It also attracted a lot of hungry customers as burger sales increased 50% overall from trend in the first week of launch.

This award-winning poster for the National Museum of Industrial History was part of a successful capital campaign.

It's always nice to help people find that special someone.

Consumption of bottled water around the office took a dip when we created this poster for the non-profit group "Think Outside the Bottle." The poster was sold on the group's web site and helped drive awareness of the true costs of bottled water.

The Washington Wild Things baseball team offered tickets at a reasonable price. And these outdoor boards helped to point out the reasons they could afford to do this.

Pedal Pittsburgh is an annual bike ride that takes people past great local architecture. These posters were as popular with riders as a newly paved road.